Rack System – Adjust-A-Rack

MTC MSAR​ Series

The MTC Adjust-A-Rack allows you to change the configuration of your battery compartments as your battery storage needs change or expand, allowing you to consistently utilize all of your available space.

Heavy-duty constructionEnsures long life and ease of maintenance
Modular DesignEasy to expand as battery storage needs change
​Fully adjustable battery compartmentsAccommodates virtually all battery sizes
Adjustable battery backstops & UHMW Slide StripsProvides smooth battery placement, retrieval, and holds battery securely in place during charging
Top, Rear, and Side Charger Shelves with Catwalk Options AvailableProvides convenient access to chargers.

MTC Adjust-A-Racks, are the perfect forklift battery racks designed exclusively for use with MTC power changers. They offer a safe and cost-effective solution for forklift battery charging in larger lift truck fleets. With options for single- or multi-stacking, our rack system Adjust-A-Racks provide seamless battery placement and retrieval, while optimizing space for battery charger storage.

The modular design of the MTC Adjust-A-Racks allows for stacking up to six levels high, accommodating various configurations based on your needs. The battery compartments are fully adjustable, and options such as rear and side charger shelves, as well as a catwalk system, are available to suit your requirements. Inside each battery compartment of the rack system, Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) slide strips securely hold batteries in place during charging, ensuring safety and stability.

As your battery systems grow and charging demands change, the durable and versatile MTC Adjust-A-Racks can easily be expanded to accommodate your evolving battery room needs.


Single Stacking Adjust-A-RacksOverall WidthCapacity
SSAR-7272”/183 cm10,800 lbs./4899 kg
SSAR-8484”/213 cm12,600 lbs./5715 kg
SSAR-9696”/244 cm14,400 lbs./6532 kg
SSAR-120120”/305 cm18,000 lbs./8165 kg
Multi-Stacking Adjust-A-RacksMSAR-76MSAR-76MSAR-100MSAR-124
Overall Width with Standard Feet (All Stacking Heights)78”/198.1 cm90”/228.6 cm102”/259.1 cm126”/320 cm
Overall Width with Seismic Feet (All Stacking Heights)82”/206.3 cm94”/238.8 cm106”/269.2 cm130”/330.2 cm
Total Battery Compartment Weight Capacity
Double Stacking (DSAR-)21,600 lbs./9798 kgs25,200 lbs./11430 kgs28,800 lbs./13063 kgs36,000 lbs./16329 kgs
Triple Stacking (TSAR-)32,400 lbs./14696 kgs37,800 lbs./17146 kgs43,200 lbs./19595 kgs54,000 lbs./24494 kgs
Quad Stacking (QSAR-)43,200 lbs./19595 kgs50,400 lbs./22861 kgs57,600 lbs./26127 kgs72,000 lbs./32659 kgs
Five Stacking (FSAR-)54,000 lbs./24494 kgs63,000 lbs./28576 kgs72,000 lbs./32657 kgs​90,000 lbs./40823 kgs
Six Stacking (XSAR-)64,800 lbs./29393 kgs75,600 lbs./34292 kgs​86,400 lbs./39190 kgs​108,000 lbs./48988 kgs

The “MSAR” model number designation is read “Multi-Stacking Adjust-A-Rack”. This acronym is a generic designator and should not be used when placing orders. The correct model number designation for each rack type is as follows:
Double Stacking Adjust-A-Racks = DSAR-76, DSAR-88, DSAR-100, or DSAR-124
Triple Stacking Adjust-A-Rack = TSAR-76, TSAR-88, TSAR-100, or TSAR-124
Quad Stacking Adjust-A-Rack = QSAR-76, QSAR-88, QSAR-100, or QSAR-124
Five Stacking Adjust-A-Rack = FSAR-76, FSAR-88, FSAR-100, or FSAR-124
​Six Stacking Adjust-A-Rack = XSAR-76, XSAR-88, XSAR-100, or XSAR-124

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