MTC products are essential for businesses of all sizes worldwide in the areas of food processing and forklift battery handling. Our quality equipment is widely recognized as highly innovative within the industry. In fact, MTC is credited with pioneering modern food processing dumpers and automated forklift battery changers.

MTC food processing equipment examples conveyor, dumper, cooker

Food Processing Equipment

MTC manufactures a wide variety of food processing solutions, such as blending, breaking, conveying, cooking, dumping, and lifting equipment. MTC’s team of engineers also designs custom equipment that is utilized for goods beyond the food industry.

MTC battery handling equipment examples including man-aboard, power changers, walk-a-puller, ez-puller

Forklift Battery Handling Equipment

MTC manufactures a range of products designed for handling forklift batteries. Our battery room solutions include battery management software, overhead or side battery removal, man-aboard, racks and charging stands. MTC also offers battery cleaning equipment and accessories to meet the needs of our customers in the battery handling industry.

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