Battery Roller Stand

MTC RS​ Series

* Consult Factory for requirements outside of this range

Heavy-duty construction w/spring loaded rollersEnsures long life and ease of maintenance
Insulated roller bedAids in the prevention of the conduction of electricity
Adjustable R-Height: 5 ½” (14 cm) – 12 ½” (31.8 cm)*Match the height of your current system
Battery Safety StopsPrevents accidental discharge of battery from stand
800 lbs./263 kg Capacity Charger ShelfConveniently locates battery charger

RS Battery Stand Options include:

  • 45” (114 cm) deep roller stand (-45)
  • Less charger shelf (-LCS)


RS Stand (Two Compartment)Roller WidthOutside Width (OW)
RS-12-212”/30 cm26”/66 cm
RS-15-215”/38 cm32”/81 cm
RS-18-218”/46 cm38”/96 cm
RS-21-221”/53 cm44”/112 cm
RS-24-224”/61 cm50”/127 cm
RS-27-227”/69 cm​56”/142 cm
RS-30-230”/67 cm​62”/157 cm
RS-34-234”/86 cm​70”/178 cm
RS Stand (Three Compartment)Roller WidthOutside Width (OW)
RS-12-312”/30 cm39”/99 cm
RS-15-315”/38 cm48”/122 cm
RS-18-318”/46 cm57”/145 cm
RS-21-321”/53 cm66”/168 cm
RS-24-324”/61 cm75”/190 cm
RS-27-327”/69 cm84”/213 cm
RS-30-330”/67 cm93”/236 cm
RS-34-334”/86 cm105”/267 cm
Stainless Steel Drip Pans
XX-X Represents Stand Size

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