MTC continues to set industry standards for battery handling equipment through our innovative approach to engineering, manufacturing best-practice, and quality craftsmanship. MTC forklift battery changing equipment, software, and accessories allow businesses to safely maximize the productivity of their forklifts and lower operating costs.

We understand that our customers’ facilities will grow, so our systems are designed to be versatile and expandable. They can serve a variety of customer needs – from facilities with high-capacity applications to those with smaller battery fleets, MTC forklift battery changing equipment is economical, safe, and efficient to use. Our long-lasting, next-generation systems, designed with safety in mind, deliver increased productivity and ROI to our customers worldwide for many years to come.

Battery Cleaning Equipment

Safe and dependable tools that make battery handling and charging easier and quicker than ever before.

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Battery Management Software

A highly advanced management system that helps streamline battery use.

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Man-Aboard Power Changer Equipment

Industry-leading equipment for a safe and dependable way to change batteries.

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Portable Side Battery Removal

Economical battery changers that keep costs down.

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Overhead Battery Removal

MTC overhead battery removal equipment is designed to provide an efficient, powerful, and safe overhead battery extraction.

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Racks and Charging Stands

Economical and dependable tools for battery charging, handling, maintenance, and storage.

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Opportunity Charging Support

MTC opportunity charging supports are convenient, easy-to-install, and can accommodate most high-frequency chargers.

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Battery Accessories

MTC battery accessory equipment is highly dependable and can be used with most standard lift truck batteries.

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Personal Safety and Maintenance

MTC personal safety and maintenance equipment is designed to keep employees safe and maintain compliance.

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