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Battery Room Ventilation Calculator

Hydrogen gas is produced during the charging of electric forklift batteries, so it is important to ensure adequate battery room ventilation is available to ensure workplace and personnel safety. MTC offers on online calculator that can help to demonstrate the importance of battery room ventilation by illustrating how much hydrogen gas can be produced by the batteries and how much ventilation may be required to maintain hydrogen levels at industry standard concentrations.

NOTICE: The information provided by these calculators is for illustrative purposes only. While reasonable effort is made to ensure accuracy, MTC is not responsible for any errors or omissions and does not guarantee any of the information. Consult with a certified professional to determine requirements.

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Battery Handling Safety

Forklift batteries are very heavy and potentially hazardous so MTC offers a variety of specialized equipment to assist businesses with safe battery changing and handling. Our equipment is versatile and expandable so it adapts to customer needs ranging from small to large facilities supporting single-shifts or around-the-clock operations.

MTC offers forklift battery changing products including man-aboard power changers, portable side removal equipment, and overhead removal systems.

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Forklift Battery Maintenance

The lead-acid batteries of forklifts require periodic maintenance that includes cleaning and watering to ensure safe and proper operations. These batteries contain hazardous materials including sulfuric acid and lead plates, so it is important for persons to wear Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE”, and follow requirements and instructions provided by original equipment manufacturers.

​MTC offers a variety of battery cleaning equipment and battery racks and stands that support forklift battery maintenance.

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Battery Charging Best Practices

Correctly charging forklift batteries helps to ensure longer forklift running times and battery service lives. Common best practices exist that facilitate the process and should be used whenever they are compatible with the requirements of the battery’s original equipment manufacturer.

MTC offers the world’s most advanced system for managing lift truck battery rooms—the Charge Cycle Analytics (CCA) system including hardware and software.

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Battery Room Regulations Reference​

Finding information to facilitate compliance with the laws, regulations, and guidelines of the many national, regional, and local agencies and organizations affecting battery-powered forklifts and battery charging rooms can be time-consuming.

​MTC offers helpful links to reference information from OSHA, ASME, NFPA, IFC, ​ISO, DOL, DOT, EPA, NRC, and additional resources. Consult with your legal counsel to determine applicable regulations and compliance requirements. ​

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