product videos

A collection of MTC product videos showcasing our various Food Processing and Battery Handling equipment.

Food Processing Equipment product videos

MTC is a trusted provider of superior dumpers, blenders, cookers, conveyors, and other food processing equipment, relied on by companies worldwide. Our equipment is of the highest quality and is supported by MTC’s dedicated and competent team, who prioritize excellent customer service. Enjoy learning more through these product videos!

MTC Cluster Breakers Equipment Video

MTC’s Cluster Breakers are the industry’s best at breaking up IQF and refrozen products in combos or tempered block form. They consistently provide high yields with minimal product loss and reduced labor. Enhanced ergonomics mean fewer employee injuries and greater productivity.

MTC Continuous Cookers Equipment Video

The MTC Continuous Cooker is used throughout the food processing industry to continuously cook various food products. Its low-velocity steam injection system distributes the steam uniformly without damaging the product, ensuring a consistent, faster blanch or cook process that is reliable.

MTC Final Breakers Equipment Video

MTC’s Final Breakers utilize rotating breakers to break up IQF products like meat and vegetables. The sizer bars allow you to dictate the size of the product after it’s broken up. These user-friendly and easy-to-clean breakers can enhance the efficiency of your facility. Scroll for more product videos.

MTC Screw Conveyors Equipment Video

Screw Conveyors offered by MTC are tailored to meet your requirements, ranging from customized hoppers to inclines, pivots, horizontal screws, and raised tracks. They feature a sanitary design of stainless steel construction and hinged trough covers with safety interlocks.

MTC Ergonomic Lifters Video

MTC has an array of models of Ergonomic Lifters to cater to your specific needs. The EP-3000 is equipped with adjustable hold-downs, ensuring secure products. It has a lifting capacity of 3,000 pounds and can hoist products up to 60 inches and tilt to an angle of 100°, enabling easy access.

MTC Blenders Video

Durable stainless steel MTC Blenders are available in different models to fit your requirements. These blenders have a capacity range of 100 to 15,000 pounds. They also feature programmable controllers, variable speed drives, and vacuum options that enhance effectiveness.

Forklift Battery Handling Equipment

Globally companies trust MTC to provide top-of-the-line forklift battery handling solutions. As with all of our products, our battery handling equipment is of exceptional quality and comes with the same exceptional support from MTC’s responsive and professional service staff. Watch these product videos to see why we’re trusted in the battery handling industry!

MTC Attach-A-Puller ABPG Video

The ABPG All-Electric battery puller from MTC can be attached to a pallet jack or fork truck. Powered by the host vehicle, a single operator can efficiently remove a battery from one compartment, move it to another location, and insert it into the new compartment. Scroll to view more MTC product videos.

MTC Battery Transporter BT Video

The MTC Model BT is a battery transporter that offers a cost-effective and safe battery handling solution for lift truck fleets of smaller sizes. It eliminates the need for a pallet truck and comes equipped with two hand brakes and a floor lock, allowing a single operator to handle it with ease.

MTC Power Changers Model PCHE-2 Video

We stand out from our competitors with our innovative approach to high-volume battery changers. Our MTC PCHE2 operator platform has no hydraulic lines. It uses a delayed platform raising action allowing operators to make battery changes more efficiently, leading to increased productivity.

MTC Recirculating Water System MWTS Video

The MTC Model MWTS water treatment system controls, filters, analyzes and recirculates water utilized in battery cleaning. This process helps to reduce the amount of wastewater produced during battery cleaning, reducing disposal amounts and making it suitable for most sewer systems.