Accelerate the installation of your MTC food processing and battery-changing equipment, acquire safe operation skills, and ensure optimal performance and efficiency with the expert assistance of our seasoned MTC services team. Our Service Department is comprised of highly trained professionals who possess unparalleled knowledge of MTC products.

To connect with our Service Department, please reach out to us at 1-800-433-3110 or email You may also fill in the form at the bottom of this page for service requests, as well.

One of MTC's service team members servicing equipment

What equipment services does MTC offer?


When you have limited resources, trust the skilled MTC service staff to handle the installation of your food processing and battery-changing equipment at your facilities.


Ensure the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of your MTC equipment by providing training to your staff. We do more by offering private on-site classes for operators and remote sessions at our facilities for maintenance personnel.

Preventive Maintenance

Stay proactive in keeping your equipment in excellent working condition with MTC services and a customized Preventive Maintenance schedule designed by our MTC service team.

How long is an MTC Maintenance Plan?

To minimize downtime and keep your MTC equipment running smoothly, scheduled maintenance is crucial. Our team of expert technicians can provide you with peace of mind through our comprehensive OEM scheduled maintenance program.

We offer a large variety of plans that fit your specific needs. Whether you require an annual check-up, monthly maintenance, or a customized service plan, our MTC services have you covered.

For more information on our scheduled maintenance agreement and to explore our range of maintenance plans, download our service brochure. With MTC, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is in capable hands and that you are taking proactive steps to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Reach out to your sales rep or our service team to start your plan today!


What does a service program include from MTC Services?

MTC multiple agitator vacuum blender for food prcoessing on left side of the image and an MTC Multi-Level Power Changer for battery handling on the right side

Programs for both our food processing equipment & battery handling equipment products included with all maintenance programs:

  • Functional safety checks
  • Inspection/repair of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems

Options included with our scheduled maintenance contracts:

  • Control system software updates
  • On-site maintenance and operator training
  • Spare parts evaluation/stocking program
  • Hydraulic fluid servicing and lubrication

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