Power Crane

MTC HTG Series

The HTG Hydraulic Traveling Power Crane is the ideal system when battery changing must be done from overhead. The HTG offers six-way motion at a fraction of the cost of a bridge crane and is easy to assemble and install. As with most MTC battery changing systems, the HTG can be easily expanded as your lift truck fleet grows.

Hydraulic Powered Gantry TravelProvides positive soft starts and stops for safety and control while batteries are being changed
Electric Powered Trolley and HoistProvides convenient Up-Down, Left-Right, Forward-Reverse movement
All Functions Controlled by a Single Push Button PendantConvenient controls; simple operation
20’ Max between 2-Ton & 3-Ton Gantry Uprights​Provides ample room for your expanding battery fleet

Options include: ​​

  • 2-Ton Powered Gantry (HTG2)
  • 3-Ton Powered Gantry (HTG3)
  • 2-Ton Non-powered Gantry (TG2)
  • 3-Ton Non-powered Gantry (TG3)
  • 2-Track System (-T2)
  • 1 Track System (-T1)

Hoist Options

ModelDescriptionWeight Capacity
NERM-020C-L2-Ton Electric Chain Hoist with Motorized Trolley and Chain Container4,0000 lbs./1815 kg
NERM-030C-L3-Ton Electric Chain Hoist with Motorized Trolley and Chain Container6,0000 lbs./2720 kg

Pendant Options

NER-LS10WC-9B9 Button Pendant with E-Stop

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