The MTC overhead battery removal equipment is designed to provide MTC customers with an efficient, powerful, and safe overhead battery extraction. MTC Power Cranes are highly dependable tools that help easily place batteries vertically into battery compartments. Simple to assemble and install, the MTC overhead battery removal solutions are scalable to fit warehouses of all sizes.Made of heavy-duty materials with powerful hydraulic drives for durability, the MTC overhead battery removal equipment provides MTC customers with a convenient battery extraction solution, capable of handling most standard lift truck batteries.

Freestanding crane designEliminates the need for investment in permanent structures
Single push button pendantEnsures safety and ease of use
Available in different capacities​Fits even the largest battery fleets
Modular designEasily expandable as customer needs change
Dual hydraulic drive motorsProvides smooth, powerful and safe battery handling

Power Cranes

​MTC HTG Series

The MTC HTG Power Cranes are designed to provide MTC customers with an efficient and powerful solution for battery extraction. Available in both 4000 lb. and 6000 lb. capacities, the MTC Power Cranes can easily lift and transport industrial lift truck batteries. Powered by dual hydraulic motors, the MTC HTG Power Crane offers six-way motion – the crane travels back and forth along its track, the electrically driven hoist travels from left to right along the I-beam, and the hoist chain lifts and lowers the batteries. Each Power Crane A-frame is equipped with both a drive and an idler wheel. Six-way Power Crane operation is controlled with a single push button pendant for ease of use.

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