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All MTC battery accessories are designed to provide our customers with safe and dependable tools that make battery handling and charging easier and quicker than ever before. MTC accessories offer a comprehensive battery room solution, including the MTC forklift attachment, battery handling beams, battery cable retractors, battery charging stands, and battery charger supports. Our battery accessory equipment offers exceptional reliability and is compatible with the majority of standard lift truck batteries.

Heavy-duty constructionEnsures trouble-free operation
Safety-oriented designAssures safety and ease of use
Universal usabilityFits most battery makes and models
Innovative featuresSimplifies battery handling and charging and supports crucial maintenance tasks
Made of durable materialsEnsures long-life and reliability
battery accessoies - MTC battery handling beam for small lift truck

Battery Handling Beam

MTC HB Series

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MTC Model HB-4000-PL and HB-6000-PL Handling Beams with Posi-Latch are engineered to offer MTC customers a secure, dependable, and inexpensive solution for managing battery handling in small lift truck fleets. These beams boast heavy-duty steel and maple wood construction, giving customers long-term use and hassle-free performance. The lifting beam is constructed from 2″x6″ laminated maple, providing exceptional strength, durability, and non-conductive properties. Furthermore, the non-slip hook design snugly fits into the majority of battery lifting holes, ensuring a secure grip at all times.

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battery accessoies - MTC forklift attachment for battery handling

Forklift Attachment

MTC FA Series

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MTC Model FA-6000 Fork Attachment is a reliable and economical battery handling solution designed for MTC customers with small lift truck fleets. It’s designed to be used alongside an approved MTC handling beam, providing a secure and efficient solution. Made from heavy-duty steel, the FA-6000 ensures long life and trouble-free operation. Equipped with a 4 ft. safety chain and hook, and capable of handling up to 6000 lbs., this fork attachment delivers both reliability and peace of mind. MTC customers can trust the FA-6000 to provide a safe and dependable solution for their battery handling needs. Because its design ensures safety during lifting tasks, as each load-bearing component is carefully matched to its specific role in the operation.

battery accessoies - MTC portable handling beam - fork lift attachment storage

Handling Beam/Fork Attachment Storage


Our MTC Model HB-STORAGE is a secure and user-friendly option designed specifically for storing your HB-4000/6000 Handling Beam and FA-6000 Fork Attachment. Constructed from heavy-duty angle and tubular steel, this storage solution is expertly welded by our production team and powder-coated to ensure resistance against corrosion. With the HB-STORAGE, you can conveniently position the lifting beam near your gantry crane or fork truck using its heavy-duty casters, making attachment a breeze. By placing the handling beam at chest level, this storage unit offers essential ergonomic advantages, eliminating the necessity to lift from the ground. Experience the safety and convenience of the HB-STORAGE for your battery storage needs.

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Power Distribution Panels

MTC DP Series

The MTC Model DP Distribution Panels are UL Listed and handle 4, 6, or 8 chargers. Multiple chargers can be installed using only one electrical drop. See the Power Distribution Panel (DP) Specification Sheet for more information.

Unistrut Mounting System

MTC UMS Series

The MTC Model UMS Unistrut Mounting System is designed to secure multiple CSHFM charger columns in a “Matrix”. The Unistrut acts as cable management allowing the user to connect multiple CSHFM units together, keeping the electrical cables out of the way.

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Hanging Cable Balancer

MTC BCR Series

The BCR-H5-KIT Hanging Cable Balancer is a heavy-duty spring-loaded reel which attaches to the battery cable allowing the battery cable to be extended for charging and retracted after charging is complete, keeping charger leads out of the way.
The BCR-H5-KIT is available in the 5-9 kg option or the 9-15 kg option. The 9-15 kg option is the BCR-H5-KIT-HD.

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Mounting Bracket for BCR-H5-KIT


The Mount-H5-KIT is designed to be attached to the Unistrut matrix allowing the user to install the Hanging Cable Balancer anywhere along the Unistrut matrix. The MOUNT-H5-KIT comes with mounting hardware.

battery accessoies - MTC battery cable retractor

Battery Cable Retractor

MTC BCR Series

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MTC’s Model BCR-58H Battery Cable Retractors are a convenient solution designed to keep your battery charger cables organized. Enjoy effortless cable management with the BCR-58H, specially designed to mount on a wide range of charging stands and battery racks within the MTC battery product line.

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battery accessoies - MTC portable battery watering system

Portable Battery Watering System

MTC INJ Series

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INJ-HCT AC-Powered Watering Cart, is a perfect watering solution designed specifically for lead-acid batteries. With its features and equipped with our CF-X watering gun, this watering cart provides precise filling of battery cells, minimizing the risk of over or under-watering. Capable of transporting up to 20 gallons of water, the INJ-HCT ensures an ample supply for your battery maintenance needs. Whether you have a single battery or multiple batteries to maintain, the INJ-HCT is built to handle the task with ease, providing you with peace of mind and optimal battery performance.

battery accessoies - MTC watering gun CFX series

Watering Gun

MTC CF-X Series

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The CF-X Watering Gun provides an exceptional solution for precisely and automatically filling lead-acid batteries. With its features, the CF-X offers efficient performance and user convenience. It has a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute, accompanied by an automatic shut-off, and a built-in pressure regulator. Designed to attach onto any standard hose, the CF-X Watering Gun ensures safety with its insulation against short circuits. Stop manual filling and start filling effortlessly and accurately with the CF-X Watering Gun.

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