Forklift Battery Stand – Hardwood Interlay Spacers

MTC HS Series

The MTC Model HS Battery Stations is the perfect solution for charging and storing forklift batteries when used in conjunction with our MTC overhead removal systems (gantry cranes). These battery stations meet OSHA requirements and are designed to be economical and durable, providing MTC customers with a reliable option for their battery charging needs.

Our stands are constructed with heavy-duty materials and built to last. The MTC HS Series Battery Stations feature acid and corrosion-resistant composite wood interlay spacers (made from recycled wood fiber and polyethylene plastic (MoistureShield®)). With an impressive base capacity of up to 21,600 lb. and shelf capacity of up to 1,600 lb., our forklift battery stand can handle the demands of any industrial setting and lift truck fleet. Invest in the quality and performance of MTC products like this for your forklift battery charging and storage requirements.

Heavy-duty construction with powder-coated finishEnsures long life and ease of maintenance
Envirowood InterlayAcid resistant charging surface is non-conductive

HS Battery Stand Options include: ​​

  • Batteries longer than 38.50” (-45)
  • Less charger shelf (-LCS)
  • Interlay runs left to right (-LR)


ModelBase CapacityCharger Shelf CapacityWidth
HS-30**4,500 lbs.800 lbs.32”/81 cm​
HS-42***6,300 lbs.800 lbs.44”/112 cm
HS-60***9,000 lbs.800 lbs.62”/157 cm
HS-72***10,800 lbs.800 lbs.74”/188 cm
HS-84***12,600 lbs.800 lbs.86”/218 cm
HS-100***15,000 lbs.1,600 lbs.102”/259 cm

* All models listed can be ordered without a charger shelf (add “-LCS” to model number).
** Interlay runs front to back (standard).
*** Available with interlay running left to right.
For batteries deeper than 38.50” (97.8 cm) add -45 to the model number. Model numbers ending in -45 have charging surfaces that are 5” deeper than standard models.

Safety Note:
Specify interlay to run left to right for batteries 12” (30 cm) or less in width. Add “-LR” to model number.

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