Forklift Battery Puller – Attach-A-Puller



The ABPG FPSD is a convenient and economical backup for your Man-Aboard System. Note: ABPG FPSD Should Only be used as a Forklift Battery Puller for batteries stored on the Bottom Rack.

All electric.Cleaner. No hydraulic oil spills, ever! Smoother and quieter to operate.
Available in 24, 32, and 40 inch widths. Can be ordered as side discharge.Increased versatility. increased battery sizes & capacities.
More efficient.Longer lasting battery life.
Tethered remote has magnet on the back.Operator safety/convenience. remote can be placed anywhere on the unit.

The ABPG is a cutting-edge solution for battery replacement in fork trucks. This forklift battery puller allows customers to easily change batteries in fork trucks of varying sizes. Moreover, the extraction system can be customized to meet customer preferences, with options for magnet or vacuum cup attachments available.

To enhance its versatility, the ABPG can also be equipped with Side-Mount Fork Pockets as a backup option for battery changing in case of a failure in the man-aboard system. This feature further enhances the flexibility and reliability of the ABPG for efficient battery replacement operations.

It is recommended by MTC to use this unit for battery replacement only on single-level battery racks or the bottom level of multi-level systems to ensure safe and effective battery-changing processes.

Options include: ​

  • Magnet extraction (M)
  • Vacuum extraction (V)
  • Dual height drop-in bed & rack (DHDX-KIT)
  • Dual height drop-in bed (DHDX)
  • Dual height drop-in bed rack (DHD-RACK)

Interactive 3D View

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Capacity with 48"/121.9 cm Forks4000lb/1814.4kg4000lb/1814.4kg4000lb/1814.4kg
Capacity with 60"/152.4 cm Forks5000lb/2268kg5000lb/2268kg5000lb/2268kg
Overall Length68in/172.7cm68in/172.7cm68in/172.7cm
Overall Width​35in/88.9cm43in/109.2cm51in/129.5cm
Overall Height30.5in/77.5cm30.5in/77.5cm30.5in/77.5cm
Outrigger Cutout Depth10.375in/26.4cm10.375in/26.4cm10.375in/26.4cm
​Outrigger Cutout Width4.25in/10.8cm​8.25in/21cm​12.25in/321.1cm
Outrigger Cutout Height13.5in/34.3cm13.5in/34.3cm13.5in/34.3cm
Compartment Depth (ext. arm retracted)50.5in/128.3cm50.5in/128.3cm50.5in/128.3cm
Compartment Depth (ext. arm extended)45.5in/115.6cm45.5in/115.6cm45.5in/115.6cm
Compartment Width24.75in/62.9cm32.75in/83.2cm40.75in/103.5cm
Recommended Minimum Battery Width6in/15.2cm6in/15.2cm6in/15.2cm
​Recommended Minimum Battery Height19in/48.3cm19in/48.3cm19in/48.3cm
Recommended Maximum Battery Height​32in/81.3cm40in/101.6cm48in/121.9cm
Max Fork Width8.75in/22.2cm8.75in/22.2cm8.75in/22.2cm
Max Outside to Outside distance of Forks28in/71.1cm28in/71.1cm28in/71.1cm
Minimum Distance Between Forks13in/33cm13in/33cm13in/33cm

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