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MTC offers a range of economical and portable battery changers, including Attach-A-Pullers, Battery Transporters, EZ Pullers, Side-Mount Attach-A-Pullers, and Walk-A-Pullers, designed for smaller fleets. These innovative solutions provide a reliable and convenient tool for changing batteries in lift trucks.

Like all of MTC’s standout products the Portable Side Removal Equipment offers customers a flexible and dependable battery changing solution. With the ability to handle virtually all lift truck battery sizes and adapt to existing equipment, MTC ensures that our customers can keep their battery-changing system costs to a minimum.

Investing in MTC’s battery changers means upgrading to a reliable and efficient solution for changing batteries in lift trucks. Made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel, they are built to last and with our commitment to quality and performance, customers can trust in the durability and convenience of their battery-changing operations.

Adapts to existing equipmentEconomical in use and affordable
Heavy-duty constructionEnsures reliability and long life ​
Simple design and operation ​Can be operated by one person​
Multiple options and customizable design​​Allows easy adaptability to various applications
Advanced safety features​
Promotes safety of operation during battery transport​
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EZ Pullers

MTC EZP Series

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The EZ Puller portable battery transfer cart from MTC is a reliable and cost-effective choice for facilities with moderate battery change requirements. Designed to meet the needs of operations with lower daily battery change volumes, the EZ Puller offers an affordable alternative to powered transfer carts. It can be mounted to a single pallet truck, or it can be ordered with convenient fork pockets for use on multiple trucks.

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The MTC Model ABPG All-Electric battery puller is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes battery removal and changing processes for customers. Powered by the pallet jack battery, the ABPG easily attaches to a pallet truck, allowing for seamless extraction and transportation of batteries between compartments. With its user-friendly design, the ABPG can be operated by a single person, making it a convenient and efficient tool for battery replacement tasks.

MTC recommends this unit only be used to change batteries on single-level racks, or the bottom level of a multi-level system.

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MTC WBP Series

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The MTC Model WBP Walk-A-Puller is an innovative battery puller that offers portability and self-contained functionality. This unit is designed to efficiently load and unload lift truck batteries from a charging rack at different locations. With its versatile capabilities, the WBP can handle a wide range of lift truck types and motive power applications. Equipped with a two-speed electric drive and built with heavy-duty construction, the WBP ensures safe and easy battery changes during the battery removal process, allowing operators to handle 20 to 40 lift truck batteries per day. With a maximum load capacity of up to 4,000 lb., the WBP can be customized with magnet or vacuum cup extraction systems based on customer preferences.

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Battery Transporters

MTC BT Series​

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The MTC Model BT Battery Transporter is a cost-effective and reliable solution for handling batteries in smaller lift truck fleets. Designed to be operated by a single person without the need for a pallet truck, the BT utilizes gears, chains, and a hand wheel for battery changing. It is equipped with a hydraulic jack that offers powerful lifting capabilities, and a ratcheting sprocket mechanism that minimizes the effort required to move the battery on and off the carriage rollers during the battery removal and changing process.

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