Battery Hardwood Stand

MTC HS Series

Heavy-duty construction with powder-coated finishEnsures long life and ease of maintenance
Envirowood InterlayAcid resistant charging surface is non-conductive

HS Battery Stand Options include: ​​

  • Batteries longer than 38.50” (-45)
  • Less charger shelf (-LCS)
  • Interlay runs left to right (-LR)


ModelBase CapacityCharger Shelf CapacityWidth
HS-30**4,500 lbs.800 lbs.32”/81 cm​
HS-42***6,300 lbs.800 lbs.44”/112 cm
HS-60***9,000 lbs.800 lbs.62”/157 cm
HS-72***10,800 lbs.800 lbs.74”/188 cm
HS-84***12,600 lbs.800 lbs.86”/218 cm
HS-100***15,000 lbs.1,600 lbs.102”/259 cm

* All models listed can be ordered without a charger shelf (add “-LCS” to model number).
** Interlay runs front to back (standard).
*** Available with interlay running left to right.
For batteries deeper than 38.50” (97.8 cm) add -45 to the model number. Model numbers ending in -45 have charging surfaces that are 5” deeper than standard models.

Safety Note:
Specify interlay to run left to right for batteries 12” (30 cm) or less in width. Add “-LR” to model number.

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