MTC battery management software creates the world’s most advanced system for managing lift truck battery rooms. The system starts with a basic Read and React system—just follow the blue light on the display to determine the best available battery. This delivers a simple way to improve performance and increase productivity in your battery room.

Built-in configuration wizardEasy to set up, use and reconfigure
Compatible with all chargersVersatile and reliable
Advanced analyticsProvides intelligent, live data and reports
Five alert conditionsAlerts operators to issues such as low battery availability, low capacity or overheating
Real-time monitoring softwareEnsures continuous battery monitoring

MTC Charge Cycle Analytics (CCA)

MTC Charge Cycle Analytics (CCA) is an advanced management system for lift truck battery rooms that helps streamline battery use by quantifying the number of batteries needed for operation. CCA helps MTC customers identify and remove wasteful, inefficient batteries from their pool, reduce the frequency of battery changes, increase battery run times, and extend the overall battery life – thus greatly increasing productivity and ROI. CCA monitors the charge condition of each battery and can be used with any type of conventional or high-frequency charger. It provides information in an easy-to-understand manner, signalling the manager when alert conditions occur. CCA is a simple and affordable way to improve performance and increase productivity in the battery room.

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