Walkie Battery Pullers

MTC WBP Series

Portable, self-contained battery puller.Does not require a fork truck. Allows battery changing at various locations.
Lift height from 3-3/4” to 27-3/4”. Adjustable arm with magnet or vacuum extraction.Capable of reaching virtually all lift truck battery compartments.
Two-speed electric drive.Allows the operator to choose the safest speed at which to operate the WBP.

Options include: ​

  • Magnet extraction (M)
  • Vacuum extraction (V)
  • Custom colors available

Interactive 3D View

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General InformationWBP-40-44
Max Load Capacity4,000lb
Battery Attachment MechanismMagnet or Vacuum Cup
System Voltage24 Volt
Standard Model Color (Optional Colors available)MTC Beige
Roller Diameter2.375in/6.0cm
Minimum Service Aisle Width Required14ft/4.3m
​Vacuum Cup Size (Standard/Optional)10in round/7in x 12in oval
Overall Length10in round/7in x 12in oval
Overall Width56.375in/143.2cm
Overall Height70.625in/179.4cm
Carriage Height Adjustment3.75in/9.5cm to 27.25in/69.2cm
Maximum Compartment Depth (draw bar fully retracted)47.375in/120.3cm
Minimum Compartment Depth (draw bar fully extended)46.375in/117.8cm
Battery Compartment Width40.875in/103.8cm
Maximum Battery Length47in/119.4cm
Maximum Battery Width​40.25in/102.2cm

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