EZ Pullers

MTC EZP Series

Discover the MTC EZ Puller – EZP Series – The Practical Solution for Battery Transfers

Featuring easy mounting options, the EZ Puller can be effortlessly attached to a single pallet truck or equipped with convenient fork pockets for use with multiple trucks. This versatility allows for seamless integration into different operational setups, providing the flexibility and convenience that your facility requires.

Why spend excessive funds on expensive transfer carts when you can achieve efficient battery transfers with the budget-friendly EZ Puller from MTC? Experience the practicality and affordability of the EZP Series for your battery transfer needs. These are great for battery rooms with low battery change volumes.

Contact our Battery Sales Team today to learn more about our EZ Pullers and how they can transform your material handling processes for the better.

The EZ Puller accepts batteries up to 24”Provides safe and economical battery handling for smaller fork truck fleets.
Extraction method is hook and chain. Utilizes sprockets, chains and a hand-wheel to move batteries in and out of the compartment.Does not require electrical power.
Hand-wheel with brake.Reduces the amount of force required to move the battery on and off the carriage rollers.
Mechanical battery safety stop.Protects the operator and surrounding personnel from possible injury during battery transport.

Standard colors:

  • Sky blue

Optional colors: ​​

  • MTC beige
  • Safety yellow
  • Black
  • Custom colors available

Interactive 3D View

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Max Load Capacity3000lb/1365kg3000lb/1365kg
Battery Compartment Width24.1875in/61.4cm36.1875in/91.9cm
Max Recommended Battery Width22in/55.9cm34in/86.4cm
Max Recommended Battery Length44in/111.8cm44in/111.8cm
Overall Width40.625in/103.2cm53.25in/135.3cm
Overall Height40.3125in/102.4cm40.3125in/102.4cm
Overall Length58.75in/149.2cm58.75in/149.2cm
Max Fork Width8.75in/22.2cm8.75in/22.2cm
Max Outside to Outside distance of Forks28in/71.1cm28in/71.1cm
​Minimum Distance Between Forks13in/33cm13in/33cm

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