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MTC BT Series


MTC is a leading provider of innovative solutions for battery handling and transport in industrial settings. One of their flagship products is the Battery Transporter (BT Series), a device designed to streamline the process of moving forklift batteries with ease and safety.

At the heart of the MTC BT is a ratchet transfer system, which revolutionizes how batteries are loaded onto and unloaded from the carriage rollers. This system significantly reduces the amount of force required to move the battery, making it easier and safer for workers to handle batteries of various sizes and weights. The ratchet transfer system ensures a smooth and controlled transfer, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries associated with manual battery handling.

It is also equipped with a floor lock mechanism to further enhance safety and stability during battery transportation. This feature stabilizes the Battery Transporter when a battery is being loaded or unloaded, preventing any unwanted movement or tipping. The floor lock provides an additional layer of security, ensuring that batteries can be safely transported without any unexpected shifts or accidents.

MTC’s Battery Transporters have become an industry standard for battery handling and transport, trusted by warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and logistics companies worldwide. Their innovative features make battery handling more efficient, safer, and easier for workers, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall productivity. With MTC’s Battery Transporters, companies can confidently transport batteries with minimal effort, ensuring smooth operations and increased workplace safety. Reach out to our Battery Sales Team for more information and pricing.

Utilizes gears, chains, and a hand-wheel to move batteries in and out of the compartment.Does not require a fork truck.
Ratchet transfer system.Reduces the amount of force required to move the battery on and off the carriage rollers.
Mechanical battery safety stop.Protects the operator and surrounding personnel form possible injury during battery transport.
Floor lock.Stabilizes the BT when a battery is being loaded or unloaded.

Options include: ​

  • Extension Kit (-EK)
  • Low profile (-LP)

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Max Load Capacity2000lb/907kg3000lb/1365kg3000lb/1365kg
Battery Compartment Width15.75in/40cm21.75in/55.2cm31in/78.7cm
Battery Compartment Depth41.5in/105.4cm41.5in/105.4cm41.5in/105.4cm
Max Recommended Battery Width15in/38cm21in/53cm30in/76cm
Max Recommended Battery Length32.5in/82.6cm32.5in/82.6cm32.5in/82.6cm
Roller Height5.37in/13.6cm-23in/58.4cm5.37in/13.6cm-23in/58.4cm5.37in/13.6cm-23in/58.4cm
Overall Width33.75in/85.7cm40.25in/102.2cm49.0in/124.5cm
Overall Height54.25in/137.8cm62.25in/158.1cm64in/162.5cm
Overall Length56.25in/140.6cm54in/137.2cm53.25in/135.3cm

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