Walkie Battery Pullers

MTC WBP Series

Portable, self-contained battery puller.Does not require a fork truck. Allows battery changing at various locations.
Lift height from 3-3/4” to 27-3/4”. Adjustable arm with magnet or vacuum extraction.Capable of reaching virtually all lift truck battery compartments.
Two-speed electric drive.Allows the operator to choose the safest speed at which to operate the WBP.

Our MTC Model WBP Walk-A-Puller is perfect for a smaller fork truck fleet with a variety of battery compartment heights. It is a cutting-edge, portable, self-contained battery puller unit designed for seamless loading and unloading of batteries from lift trucks to charging racks at multiple locations. With its versatile capabilities, the WBP is compatible with a wide range of lift trucks and motive power applications.

Equipped with a two-speed electric drive and heavy-duty construction, the WBP ensures safe and efficient battery changing, allowing operators to effortlessly handle up to 40 lift truck batteries per day. With a maximum load capacity of up to 4,000 lb., this battery puller is available with our vacuum cup or magnet extraction attachment system based on customer preferences.

Designed to fit lift truck battery compartment heights up to 27” (68 cm), the MTC Model WBP Walk-A-Puller offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Custom color options are also available, allowing you to customize the unit to match your specific requirements. Upgrade your battery-changing process with the innovative and reliable MTC Model WBP Walk-A-Puller by contacting one of our experienced Battery Sales Team members.

Options include: ​

  • Magnet extraction (M)
  • Vacuum extraction (V)
  • Custom colors available

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General InformationWBP-40-44
Max Load Capacity4,000lb
Battery Attachment MechanismMagnet or Vacuum Cup
System Voltage24 Volt
Standard Model Color (Optional Colors available)MTC Beige
Roller Diameter2.375in/6.0cm
Minimum Service Aisle Width Required14ft/4.3m
​Vacuum Cup Size (Standard/Optional)10in round/7in x 12in oval
Overall Length10in round/7in x 12in oval
Overall Width56.375in/143.2cm
Overall Height70.625in/179.4cm
Carriage Height Adjustment3.75in/9.5cm to 27.25in/69.2cm
Maximum Compartment Depth (draw bar fully retracted)47.375in/120.3cm
Minimum Compartment Depth (draw bar fully extended)46.375in/117.8cm
Battery Compartment Width40.875in/103.8cm
Maximum Battery Length47in/119.4cm
Maximum Battery Width​40.25in/102.2cm

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