Unistrut Channel Matrix

MTC Unistrut Series

Heavy-duty steel, 1.62IN, 12 GA Ensures long life and ease of maintenance
All items bolt together using the same hardware.Easy to install, and ready for use
Unistrut channels act as cable raceway Keeps battery charger power cords out of the way
Multiple CSHFM-0001 or CSHFM-0002 charger stands can be configured in a matrixAllows maximum utility while minimizing the amount of warehouse space used.
All power cords will be run along the Unistrut Channel connecting the units together and plug into the Power Distribution Panel (DP).Simplifies the electrical connections saving time and money during and after the install.

The UNISTRUT Channel is available in various lengths up to 10’ to allow maximum variation in design.  MTC designers will custom design your layout to minimize the floor space needed for your charger matrix and maximize the efficiency of your warehouse.

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