Hanging Cable Balancer BCR-H5-KIT

MTC BCR-H5 Series

Heavy-duty metal housingEnsures long life and ease of maintenance
Attaches to eye boltEasy to install, and ready for use
Heavy-duty spring-loaded reelKeeps battery charger cables out of the way
Includes secondary safety cablePrevents the BCR-H5 from falling if it slips out of the eyebolt

The Hanging Cable Balancer is a heavy-duty spring-loaded reel which attaches to the battery cable allowing the battery cable to be extended for charging and retracted after charging is complete, keeping charger leads out of the way.

The BCR-H5 is available in two models:

The BCR-H5-KIT features a spring-loaded reel that retracts 5-9 kg.  

BCR-H5-KIT-HD features a spring-loaded reel that retracts 9-15 kg. 

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