Multi-Level Power Changers

MTC PCHE-2 Series


AC-controlled gear-reduction drive systemControls motor speed, lift, torque settings & braking.
Hydraulic carriage LiftStacks batteries in racks up to 4 high.
Eight-way multi-function joystick Controls the arm movement and allows the operator to rotate and slide the pivot arm in one smooth motion.
Operator’s Platform Safety SwitchAllows for activation of the controls only when the operator is standing on the platform

Options include:

  • Magnet Extraction (-M)
  • Vacuum Extraction (-V)
  • Hydraulic Extension Arm
  • Carriage Extension Roller

Interactive 3D View

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Overall Length147.625”/375 cm154/625”/392.7 cm172.625”/438.5 cm188.625”/479.1 cm
Overall Width67.25”/1708 mm67.25”/1708 mm67.25”/1708 mm67.25”/170.8 cm
Max Battery Length44”/111.8 cm44”/111.8 cm44”/111.8 cm44”/111.8 cm
Max Battery Width40”/101.6 cm23”/58.4 cm31”/78.7 cm40”/101.6 cm
Max Battery Height​32”/81.3 cm​32”/81.3 cm​32”/81.3 cm​32”/81.3 cm
Max Load Capacity10,000 Lbs./4536 kgs.10,000 Lbs./4536 kgs.10,000 Lbs./4536 kgs.10,000 Lbs./4536 kgs.
Height DimensionsDoubleTripleQuad
Carriage Height (Lowered)​6” – 55.375”6” - 96.375”6” - 137.375”
Carriage Height (Raised)​15.2 cm – 148.3 cm15.2 cm – 244.8 cm15.2 cm – 348.9 cm
Overall Height: (Top of Rack)127.5”/323.9 cm​160.375”/407.4 cm191.75”/487 cm
Overall Height: (Top of Mast)134.5”/341.6 cm167.375”/425.1 cm198.75”/504.8 cm
Operator Platform Height (AFF)18” – 50.25”
​45.7cm – 127.6 cm
18” – 91.25”
45.7cm – 231.8 cm
​18” – 132.25”
45.7cm – 335.9 cm
Service WeightPCHE-1-40PCHE-2-24PCHE-2-32PCE-2-40
Double Level8400 Lbs./3810 kgs.​8600 Lbs./3901 kgs.8900 Lbs./4037 kgs.​9200 Lbs./4173 kgs.
Triple Level8700 Lbs./3946 kgs.​8900 Lbs./4037 kgs.9200 Lbs./4173 kgs.9500 Lbs./4309 kgs.
Quad Level9000 Lbs./4082 kgs.​9200 Lbs./4173 kgs.9500 Lbs./4309 kgs.9800 Lbs./4445 kgs.



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