Charge Cycle Analytics

MTC CCA Series

Optional hand-held Scanner:
•Scans batteries & trucks
•Manually enter truck dead-man hours
•Scan battery washing & watering

Information Produced:
•Individual truck utilization (usage hours)
•Individual battery run times
•Overdue battery watering & washing

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Compatible with all chargers.
Works with all High Frequency, SCR and Ferro Resonant chargers in a conventional, battery change application.
Built-In Touch Screen: Color display shows next available battery for multiple pools and displays status & history information.Enables easy system installation and access to system settings.
Built-In Shouter.
Alerts the operator, with a loud alarm, when the wrong battery has been selected.

MTC Charge Cycle Analytics (CCA) is a software solution designed for forklift battery charging infrastructure. It allows operators to monitor, analyze and optimize the battery charge cycle process of their forklift batteries in real-time.

The system works by collecting data from charging stations which is then analyzed to identify patterns and trends in charging behavior. This data is used to optimize charging parameters such as charging power, time, and frequency to ensure that batteries are charged most efficiently.

MTC Charge Cycle Analytics also provides operators with real-time alerts and notifications to help them manage the battery charge cycles effectively. This includes alerts for charging station errors, low battery levels, and other charging-related issues.

Overall, MTC Charge Cycle Analytics helps operators to improve the efficiency and reliability of their battery charging infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

There are multiple additional options for the CCA, including:

  • Wireless Display
  • Web-based Reporting
  • Remote Shouter
  • Scrolling Displays
  • Operations Display
  • Hand-held Scanner

Increase Your ROI
with Charge Cycle Analytics

Excessive use of batteries can result in unnecessary expenses. However, you can optimize your battery storage by accurately determining the required number of batteries for your operations and eliminating inefficient ones. The process is made simpler with the use of CCA, which provides valuable reports for managers in real-time on the web. By doing so, you can reduce the frequency of battery replacements, improve pallet movement, and enhance productivity. Additionally, you can save time and increase the lifespan of your batteries by changing them less frequently.

Avoid battery-related problems by adopting MTC’s Charge Cycle Analytics before they occur!

Available Packages

Charge Cycle Analytics (CCA)CCA BasicCCA DeluxeCCA Premium
Number of Chargers50100200 to 350
Number of Battery Pools199
Compatible with all Conventional Chargers​•​•​•
Blue *Pick light* to Indicate Correct Battery​•​•​•
Universal Voltage Sentinel​•​•​•
Daisy Chain Wiring with Cable Included​•​•
Built-in Touch Screen​•​•
Built-in Shouter​•​•
7 Days On-Site Data​•​•
Built-in Configuration Wizard​•​•
Optional Web-based Reporting​•​•
Optional 4G Modem for Web Connectivity​•​•
Built-in UPS​•
Optional Wireless Display​•
Optional Remote Shouter​•
Optional Scrolling Displays​•
Optional Operations Display​•​•

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