Material Transportation Company (MTC) has a storied history of innovation and excellence creating a base for a great legacy.

Fred J. Avery and Hugo L. Kuehlthau in Chicago, Illinois initially founded MTC in 1946. At that time the company focused on food processing equipment.

MTC’s journey from a small startup to an industry leader shows our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. This is our official website. Here we provide an in-depth look at our impressive range of products and services. Also showcasing why MTC is a standout in our industries of expertise.

Founding and Early Innovations

MTC’s pioneering spirit was evident from the outset. On July 4, 1950, they secured a patent for the contemporary dumper, referred to as the ‘Cupola’ (patent #2,513,569). This invention modernized the food production and packing industry.

Another significant patent followed on October 18, 1966. The 1966 patent was for the first HLE High Lift Dumper. The HLE, an inverting apparatus, further solidified MTC’s reputation and legacy for cutting-edge technology in food processing and other industries.

Relocation and Growth

In 1977, MTC moved its operations from Chicago to our current location, Temple, Texas. This marked a new chapter in the company’s growth. This strategic relocation allowed us to expand our manufacturing capabilities and better serve our growing customer base.

Being more centrally located in the United States allows MTC to supply clients faster and more efficiently.

Expansion into Battery Handling

The 1980s were a groundbreaking period for MTC. In 1981, we introduced a full line of battery-handling equipment. This line included the first Man-Aboard and Hook-N-Pull battery extractors.

This expansion into battery handling solutions marked MTC’s entry into a new ever-changing market. Taking our expertise in engineering and innovation to the battery management and forklift industry.

MTC continued to push boundaries with the debut of the Attach-A-Puller at the 1989 ProMat Tradeshow! This was an opportunity to showcase our ability to develop practical, user-friendly battery-handling solutions. The relentless pursuit of innovation didn’t stop there; in 1997, MTC introduced the PCE Electric Lift and Travel. Further enhancing our battery-handling portfolio.

Becoming an Employee-Owned Company

The next huge legacy move was in 1997 when MTC became an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company! This was to reflect our commitment to our community and workforce.

Being an ESOP ensures that employees have a stake in the company’s success. This move fostered a culture of ownership and dedication, driving further innovation and excellence.

MTC became 100% employee-owned in 2019, which was yet another significant milestone. Our transition highlighted the company’s commitment to empowering our employees and fostering a collaborative and motivated workforce dedicated to its long-term success.

Today, MTC stands as a leader in both:

  • advanced battery handling systems and
  • efficient food processing equipment

Our dedication to research and development ensures that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements. Introducing new products and improving existing ones is an ongoing commitment.

Our transition from a small manufacturer to a significant industry player remains an inspiring story of vision and determination. Founded by innovators and driven by a commitment to quality, MTC continues to set industry standards. As a 100% employee-owned company, our commitment to teamwork and motivation has no bounds.

Visit the rest of our website to explore the extensive range of products. You may even discover how MTC can enhance your operations and improve your warehouse/production efficiency.