MTC ergonomic lifting and container washing systems include a variety of high-quality devices designed to lift and tilt materials, carts and vats. The MTC ergonomic lifting product line includes Easy Lift Hydraulic Pickers and Lift Tables for lifting pallet loads, vats, combo bins, ingredient and product bags. The heavy-duty, dependable equipment helps our customers handle payloads and materials and proves indispensable for hand picking and loading operations. The MTC Hydraulic Vat Washing Positioners and Cart Tilters help lift and tilt vats and carts for easy washing, ensuring equipment stays sterile and meets food safety standards. Made of durable stainless-steel materials, our products are easy to clean and long-lasting. Our lifting equipment has advanced safety features to ensure the safety of operation.

Heavy duty constructionHigh dependability and reduced cost of operations
Stainless steel constructionLong life and ease of sanitation
Variety of product optionsSuits different application needs
Straightforward controlsAssures ease of use and increases safety of operation
Lifts and tilts to different heights and anglesCan accommodate variety of materials and work areas
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Easy Pickers

MTC EP Series

The MTC Hydraulic Easy Picker is designed to hold a vat, combo bin or pallet load, providing our customers with an easily cleaned and highly dependable tool for lifting products in a sterile environment. The EP can also tilt and rotate to keep product at a convenient height and angle. All tube and channel stainless-steel construction, the MTC Easy Picker is easy to clean, while straightforward two button pendant or joystick control ensures ease of operation. In addition, the MTC Easy Picker can be equipped with advanced safety features, including LED Safety Strobes, Smartsight photo switch and proximity switches.

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Lift Tables

MTC L Series

The MTC Model L Lift Tables are designed to provide our customers with an easily cleaned and highly dependable tool for lifting products in a sterile environment. The MTC Lift Tables elevate product or ingredient bags vertically to any desired height – the lift table carriage can lift containers up to 60 inches above the floor. The L’s heavy-duty stainless-steel construction ensures long life and trouble free operation, along with ease of sanitation. The L is easy to operate with options for hold down push button or semi-automatic operation.

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Vat Washing Positioners


The MTC Model FETE Series Vat Washing Positioner is designed to provide our customers with an easily cleaned and highly dependable tool for lifting vats to a dumped position for easy washing. Container latches and hold-downs secure containers in carriage for lifting. The FETE’s straightforward hold-down push button controls provide for simple operation while the stainless-steel exterior assures long life and ease of sanitation.

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Cart Tilters


The MTC Model MTCT-2 Cart Tilter is designed to provide our customers with an easily operated and highly versatile tool for lifting and tilting carts to be washed – up to a height of 39 inches. The MTCT’s heavy-duty stainless-steel construction along with 100% seal welds and stainless-steel cylinders assure long life and ease of sanitation. The MTCT’s pneumatic operation and straightforward controls, which include three-position momentary spring-center switch allow the operator to tilt and return the load as desired. The MTC Cart Tilter can lift and tilt loads up to 300 lb. Loading and washing happens from the same side although customers can choose a load from back/wash in front option.

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