MTC Breakers are designed to provide our customers with an economical, safe, and effective tool for pre-breaking refrozen combos of individually quick frozen (IQF) products. MTC breaking equipment is built to last with rugged, stainless steel construction. They provide high yields on a consistent basis – reducing customer labor requirements and ensuring minimal product loss. Enhanced ergonomics mean less employee injury and greater productivity.

Cluster Breakers

Final Breakers

Stainless steel construction​Assures long life and ease of sanitation
Simple control systemProvides for simple operation
Safety-focused design ​Provides for simple operation​
Powerful electric/hydraulic operation​Ensures efficient and accurate operation
Various options available​Accommodates any customer requirements​
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Cluster Breaker

MTC CB Series

MTC’s Cluster Breaker is breaking equipment used for breaking up IQF and refrozen products in combos or tempered block form. Made of stainless steel with 100% seal welds for ease of sanitation and durability, the cluster breaker comes with a programmable cycle control and a programmable controller that can store programs for different products. MTC’s safety-focused design ensures that the cluster breaker operates only when all gates are closed and secured in place. The Cluster Breaker is hydraulically operated and comes with a 15 HP power unit.

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Final Breaker

​MTC FB Series

MTC’s Final Breaker has rotating breakers to break up IQF product such as meat and vegetables. Made of stainless steel for ease of sanitation and durability, the breaker is easy to use and easy to clean and makes our customers’ facilities more efficient. It comes with sizer bars that allow our customers to dictate the size of the product after it’s broken up. Customers can also choose from various discharge options, including direct discharge into buggies or combos or integrated screw conveyors to move the product out.

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