MTC offers a range of economical and portable battery changers, including Attach-A-Pullers, Battery Transporters, EZ Pullers, Side-Mount Attach-A-Pullers and Walk-A-Pullers, intended for use in smaller fleets. The MTC Portable Side Removal Equipment is designed to provide customers with a convenient and dependable tool for changing batteries. The MTC equipment provides customers with options to handle essentially all lift truck battery sizes. Its ability to adapt to existing equipment keeps the cost of battery changing system to a minimum. Made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel for long life and reliability, the MTC Portable Side Removal Equipment provides our customers with a reliable, powerful and flexible battery removal solution they’ve been looking for.

Adapts to existing equipmentEconomical in use and affordable​
Heavy-duty constructionEnsures reliability and long life ​
Simple design and operation ​Can be operated by one person​
Multiple options and customizable design​Allows easy adaptability to various applications
Advanced safety features​Promotes safety of operation during battery transport​
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EZ Pullers

MTC EZP Series

The EZ Puller portable battery transfer cart is the inexpensive alternative to powered transfer carts. The EZ Puller is ideal for facilities that require only a few battery changes each day. It can be mounted to a single pallet truck, or it can be ordered with convenient fork pockets for use on multiple trucks.

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​MTC ABPG Series

The MTC Model ABPG All-Electric battery puller is designed to provide customers with a more versatile and efficient tool for changing batteries. Powered by the pallet jack battery, the ABP attaches to a pallet truck and pulls a battery out of one compartment, transports it, and slides it into another compartment. It can be operated by one person. Its dual height and width carriages offer customers the flexibility to change batteries in fork trucks that are of different heights and widths. Models are available with magnet or vacuum cup attachment systems per customer request.

The ABPG can also be ordered with Side-Mount Fork Pockets to be used as a secondary process for changing batteries in the event of a failure on the man-aboard system. MTC recommends this unit only be used to change batteries on single level racks, or the bottom level of a multi-level system.

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​MTC WBP Series

The MTC Model WBP Walk-A-Puller is a portable, self-contained battery puller unit designed to load and unload batteries from a lift truck to a charging rack at various locations. It can handle a wide variety of lift truck and motive power applications. The WBP’s two speed electric drive and heavy-duty construction allows its operator to safely and easily change 20 to 40 lift truck batteries per day. It has a maximum load capacity of up to 4,000 lb. and is available with magnet or vacuum cup attachment systems per customer request. ​

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Battery Transporters

MTC BT Series

The MTC Model BT Battery Transporter is designed to provide a safe and economical battery handling solution for smaller lift truck fleets. The BT does not require a pallet truck and can be operated by one person. The BT utilities gears, chains, and a hand wheel to transport a battery. It features a hydraulic jack, which provides powerful and dependable lifting capabilities, while its ratcheting sprocket mechanism reduces the force required to move the battery on and off the carriage rollers. To ensure safety of operation, the BT comes with a floor lock and two hand brakes, left and right, which stabilize the unit when a battery is being loaded or unloaded, and a safety stop, which prevents batteries from rolling off the carriage.

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