Powder Coater/Parts Washer


In a fast paced manufacturing facility, Powder Coat/Parts Washer rotate job positions as needed to wash, and spray powder to the surfaces of manufactured products by performing the following duties. (Job duties completed in Powder Coat using a Negative Pressure Respirator.)



  1. Follow safety/environmental guidelines at all times
  2. Clean grease and dirt from product using Industrial Equipment with detergent mix and phosphates.
  3. Apply masking tape over parts and areas that are not to be coated.
  4. Using Powder Coating Equipment and proper technique directs powder spray onto work surface/product.
  5. Drives forklift truck and/or pallet jack as required.
  6. Operates monorail system to load and unload ovens
  7. Operate ovens to prepare product for powder coating and final drying.
  8. Able to pass a pulmonary function test.
  9. Knowledge of appropriate MSDS.
  10. Other duties as assigned




  1. Hours per day – Second Shift, Monday through Thursday, overtime as needed.
  2. Work Breaks – 3 10-minute breaks daily, 2 afternoon and 1 evening. 30-minute lunch break.
  3. Work performed while
    1. Sitting – 5%
    2. Standing – 95%
    3. Kneeling, Bending, Stooping, Pushing, Pulling – 35%
    4. Lifting
      1. Light – 1-15 pounds – frequently
      2. Medium – 16-45 pounds – Frequently
  • *Any lifting over 50 lbs. requires assistance or use of mechanical device.
  1. Carrying distance – Up to 25 feet frequently
  2. Environment – Temperature from 25 to 110+ degrees. Fumes, dust, humidity, noise.